5 arrested,1 injured in chaotic protest outside Burlingame Republican Convention

Byby Sergio Quintana KGO logo
Friday, April 29, 2016
Arrests made during chaotic protest outside Burlingame GOP Convention
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Police are reporting five arrests and one minor injury during large protests outside a Burlingame hotel where presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed the California Republican Convention today.

BURLINGAME, Calif. (KGO) -- Protesters against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump clashed with his supporters outside the state Republican convention in Burlingame Friday.

When Trump arrived at the event, he was forced to leave his motorcade to cut through a fence into a back entrance.

"It felt like I was crossing the border," Trump said later inside the convention.

PHOTOS: Trump protests erupt near GOP convention in Burlingame

All the chaos, lead police in riot gear to make arrests. In all, police made five arrests Friday. This was all on day one of the weekend-long convention.

Later on, Ohio Governor John Kasich enjoyed an orderly reception at the California GOP convention, especially compared with the chaos that erupted earlier that day.

Kasich opened with a quick confession. "I do have to tell you, I love California," he said.

During an earlier media briefing, he touted his recent endorsement by the Hispanic chamber of commerce. "Do the Republicans actually think that they can win an election by scaring every Hispanic in this country to death?" Kasich said.

In third place, Kasich insists he has a path to the Republican nomination. Friday night was a far cry from the drama leading up to Donald Trump's arrival.

"We don't want to give him a platform for his hateful, racist, anti-Muslim, anti-migrant, anti-black rhetoric," said one protester.

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Protesters chained themselves together to form a human barrier to the convention

To avoid a confrontation, Trump's entourage stopped on Highway 101 behind the hotel. Trump squeezed between some construction barriers, walked across a windy back field and into the venue where he joked about the experience.

"Then we went under a fence, and through a fence and, oh boy it felt like we were crossing the border, actually. It's true," Trump said.

Trump delivered a free-flowing, 30-minute speech, then quickly left. Outside, scuffles broke out between protesters and people hoping to get into the venue.

"What you are doing is ridiculous. If you don't like Trump, just stay home," Republican Nick St. Royal said.

Five people were arrested and one was injured in the confrontations.

One remaining Republican presidential candidate will speak this weekend as the convention continues with a lunch banquet on Saturday with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, recently announced as Cruz's running mate, will host a dinner banquet on Saturday night.

Burlingame Police Lt. Jay Kiely said the department had brought in officers from throughout San Mateo County to assist with today's event. He said the department had spoken to groups planning the protest and asked them to keep things peaceful.

Kiely said officers had eggs thrown at them and were pushed by protesters but had been able to "take the situation for what it was."

"I commend our officers for tremendous restraint," he said.

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