Two injured when car crashes into Comstock Saloon in North Beach

BySergio Quintana
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
2 injured when car crashes into Comstock Saloon
A man who crashed a car into a bar in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood Monday afternoon was arrested for having outstanding warrants.

SAN FRANCISCO -- A red BMW went barreling through the front doors of the Comstock Saloon on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco Monday afternoon.

Two people were injured and the driver of the car has been arrested.

That driver was not arrested for the crash, instead police say he was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant out of Sacramento County for drug possession.

The driver of the car that crashed into the Comstock Saloon in North Beach was arrested by police.
Sergio Quintana

Crews moved fast to patch up the big gaping hole in the front of this saloon from this afternoon's crash.

Workers at Comstock Saloon were just wrapping up the lunch rush when the car came crashing into the saloon.

According to police, one customer suffered minor injuries and another was taken to the hospital. Officers didn't have details on those injuries.

Witnesses say the driver was heading southbound on Columbus Avenue and completely missed the turn onto Pacific Avenue.

"I didn't hear any screeching or breaks or anything," said Patrick Hagan, a witness. "I just thought he went clear through the restaurant and out other end."

San Francisco police Capt. David Lazar didn't release the driver's name, but said the he will be tested to see if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"As a result of our investigation we conducted a warrant check and we determined that the driver of this vehicle is actually wanted out of Sacramento County," Lazar said. "A $250,000 warrant of possession of marijuana for sale."

The driver was able to walk out of the crash unscathed and waited outside while police investigated he was arrested about 45 minutes after the crash.

The BMW was hauled out of the restaurant and towed away and a temporary door was installed in the restaurant.