What's the difference between a fire whirl and a firenado? Watch video of both

REDDING, Calif. (KGO) -- Two fire phenomenon are captured in two different videos: a fire whirl and a firenado.

Fire whirls are rare, but can happen during a powerful fire like the Carr Fire, which burned thousands of acres near Redding, Calif., this summer.

VIDEO: Firefighter battling Carr Fire captures fire whirl on camera

Scientists say the winds generated by the flames begin to whirl around each other, creating a vortex. The flames then begin to spiral upwards.

The fire whirl captured in this video sent sparks shooting out in all directions as it towered above the trees.

VIDEO: Cal Fire says massive fire tornado killed fire inspector in Redding

A fire whirl is not the same as a fire tornado, or firenado. Cal Fire says just such a tornado killed a fire inspector near Redding in late July.

Winds in that fire hit 165 miles and the flaming twister spun thousands of feet into the sky.

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