CVS jumps on the CBD bandwagon selling lotions, oils, sprays

Pharmacy giant CVS announced Wednesday it will soon start selling a product that's in high demand, hemp-derived CBD products in eight states.

CVS will start selling topical cannabidiol products from sprays to lotions.

"The more mainstream it becomes, the more research is done with something so controversial," said Terra Schamun from Benicia.

CBD is the legal component found in hemp and marijuana. Some believe it has health benefits like reducing anxiety- without getting stoned.

Others use it for pain.

"I'm using it on my neck, short term it helps take the pain away," said Lisa Brenneis from Berkeley.

At Berkeley Patients Group a cannabis dispensary, operators wonder if CVS will be subjected to the same scrutiny they are with testing and licensing.

"You know what you're getting at a licensed dispensary, absolutely clean, absolutely pure, absolutely accurate," said BPG spokesperson Sabrina Fendrick.

It's unknown when CBD products will be available at CVS stores.
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