7 On Your Side helps minister sing a happy tune

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A car stereo system was more than a luxury, it was part of a clergywoman's youth ministry. When we heard the reverend's dilemma, we just had to help.

Reverend Cheryl Ward fondly looks over the photos she has of the young people that have benefited from her ministry.

"The kids mean the world to me," said Ward of Cheryl Ward Ministries.

She recalls the time she drove the kids to their first snow trip. At the first sight of snow, the kids demanded she stop the car.

'"No, please please. I just want to touch it.' How could you say no," she said.

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Back in May, Cheryl bought this used van. She wanted something big enough for both herself and the kids.

Unfortunately the radio in the van did not have the blue tooth capabilities she needed to play the music stored on her phone.

Music is important to her because it helps stimulate conversation with the kids. They've even taught her a few dance moves.

"This thing where they do this...oh man. You should see them laughing at me trying to do it," Ward said.

Cheryl went to Best Buy to purchase a new system.

She says the salesperson in Emeryville offered her free installation.

The store was backed up, so she ended up making an appointment at Best Buy's Pinole store.

She was told then the installation would be complicated and would need to pay an additional $120.

She agreed.

Then the day of the installation, she was informed it would be an another $400 because it would take four hours.

"I say, 'Why would I pay $400 more for installation and the stereo didn't even cost that much.'"

She complained to a manager, who she said offered her a complete refund, but refused to negotiate the price.

Cheryl declined the refund and instead contacted 7 On Your Side.

She said within minutes, Best Buy's corporate office offered her an apology and a free installation.

"In 45 minutes, they had the radio stereo in the car and they were showing me how to use it," she said.

Best Buy told us, "As much as we want to have great execution all of the time, we made a mistake here. We quoted a price that wasn't correct. As soon as the store managers found out, they worked to correct the mistake."

"Michael Finney, you're the best," Cheryl said.

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