Coke could make a move into cannabis-infused drinks

Monday, September 17, 2018
Coca-Cola looking into cannabis
Coca-Cola looking into cannabis as a potential ingredient

Coca-Cola just might have a new ingredient: Cannabis. The company has created a buzz around the industry of soft drinks by expressing interest in cannabis-infused Coke. Sound strange?

Coca-Cola will only say that it is following debate and the growing controversy over the ingredient Cannabidiol, or CBD.

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CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient derived from marijuana. Cannabis, in the form of CBD, has been the topic of much discussion and use in a variety of foods and drinks.

According to Bloomberg, Coke is in talks with a Canadian cannabis company on potential products.

But, the Coca-Cola company says it's just watching the increased use of CBD for now and has no plans to use it in the short term.

But, that might change in the long run. Company officials say no decisions about whether to use it have been made.

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