Columbus Zoo welcomes two sets of polar bear cub twins

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium welcomed a few new arrivals after polar bear sisters Anana and Aurora gave birth to twins within a week of each other.

First-time mother Anana gave birth on Nov. 8. Only one cub from the litter survived. The zoo is unsure on the reason for the loss of Anana's cub.

Aurora gave birth on Nov. 14. According to the zoo, it is her third time giving birth to twin cubs.

Both mothers are doing well and are nursing their cubs in their dens.

"At this time both Anana and Aurora are attentively caring for their cubs but the sudden loss of one of Anana's cubs is a sad reminder of how fragile their lives are both in our care and in their native Arctic environment," said Carrie Pratt, Curator of North America and Polar Frontier at the Columbus Zoo. "We remain hopeful for the survival of these cubs as well as for the future of polar bears."
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