Neighborhood around Chase Center officially named Thrive City

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If big business could have wedding parties, the gathering outside Chase Center Tuesday morning might fit the bill. It could be described as a dearly beloved gathering of the Golden State Warriors and Kaiser Permanente.

"We have known them a long time. At least a decade," commented Warriors owner Peter Guber.

And now, as with any wedding, comes a name change. In this city of neighborhoods, the four square blocks around Chase Center now shall be officially known as Thrive City, with a special benefit to the residents of Mission Bay.

'It's a new gathering place to experience art. To experience events," said Warriors President Rick Welts.

Those are lofty goals.

Back on 4th Street, we asked local pragmatist Terrence Banks what he thought of them and what they should have there.

"Parking. You never know if there is enough parking," said Banks.

We found him outside of Mercy Housing which leases affordable units to some 600 people, including more than 200 children. This plan benefits the locals, and they're optimistic.

"Well anytime it is a private entity you want to make sure it is there for the people. And if this is a public space, that makes it believable," said Sashi Givan of Mercy Housing.

There is a concern, however, that San Francisco's migrating homeless population might make the public space too real. We asked Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson if this outreach, and their presence, might actually bring progress.

"We're going to work to find them a shelter," said Tyson, who's non-profit has already committed $200 million to the problem. "They are homeless. And that is unacceptable in our society. Our belief is we should solve it and our commitment is to figure it out."

That can happen soon enough. For now, however, with the Warriors playing for an NBA Championship, the honeymoon is particularly sweet.
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