Some Grand Princess cruise ship passengers forced to re-board after finally disembarking

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A woman says she was finally able to leave the ship in the Port of Oakland and get on a charter bus to start the journey home. But then she was confronted,and told to re-board the Grand Princess.

"She said, 'if you don't get off I'll call the police, I have police here,' so I got off," said passenger Karen Dever.

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Dever was referring to the issues her and her husband had once they got off the ship and onto the charter bus.

"There's about 15 of us on the bus and this one lady I'll be nice came on and said you all have to get off the bus and go back on the ship."

Turns out the wrong group was called so they had to get off the bus and get back onto the Grand Princess after waiting on the bus for an hour.

"It was upsetting, I got a little upset lost it for a little bit but I'm fine now. The government people said it was the ship's fault and the ship's people said it was the government's fault."

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Wednesday night marks what will be the third night that the ship is docked.

There was an original hope that the disembarkment would be done by now.

Nine hours after the Dever's originally de-boarded the cruise ship Karen and her husband Harry were finally on board a plane headed to Atlanta, Georgia. Not their home in New Jersey but they say it will do for now.

"Tell everybody we're doing good and we're on the way!"

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