Coronavirus and the new normal of living in the San Francisco-Bay Area -- COVID-19 Diaries

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- No school. No big gatherings. No toilet paper stock. No dining out. Distance learning. Social distancing. Working from home. Take out.

COVID-19 DIARIES: Personal stories of Bay Area residents during novel coronavirus pandemic

This is life in the San Francisco-Bay Area more than one week into the shelter-in-place order to help stem the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The order came down on March,16, 2020. It turned lives upside down and created a new normal that feels far from normal.

Residents in the San Francisco Bay Area have to stay home with only essential businesses operating, essential personnel going to work and people restricting outings to essential tasks.

TAKE ACTION: How you can help amid COVID-19 pandemic

For San Francisco video producer Alisa Lee, it meant postponing her April wedding. Kendall Jensen, a high school senior from Brentwood, is missing out on senior activities she's looked forward to for years. Retirees David Wolfson and Paula Baessler are hunkered down in their Oakland home as friends text and call to see if they need anything. Personal trainer Nate Berry is posting workouts from his Bay Point home. Frank Nguyen, the owner of Academic Coffee in San Jose, is struggling to keep from going out of business while racking up debt to keep from laying off workers. Kirstin Hernandez is a consultant working to give her three children daily structure as they learn at home and her husband, Andre Ramos, is a pediatrician who is near the front lines of the fight against the virus.

To hear their stories, play the video above.

San Francisco was one of the first cities to declare a state of emergency and residents of the Bay Area are trying to figure out what life looks like now in the midst of the current crisis and the uncertainty of what's to come.

COVID-19 Diaries is an ABC7 Originals limited series that shares the personal stories of Bay Area people as we work together to cope with coronavirus and re-define what it means to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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