Car hits 3 students, woman on San Mateo sidewalk

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Four pedestrians, including three special needs students are hospitalized after a driver veered from a San Mateo Street and onto the sidewalk.

"The kids are not safe on the streets," said witness Hermangildo Cabana.

Cabanas saw the accident which happened around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. He was trimming a tree across the street when a black Acura heading north on West Hillsdale Boulevard suddenly veered onto the sidewalk. It sheered off a light pole and hit a group of special needs students and the teacher who was leading them across the street.

"The woman was happy, laughing with the kids. She was showing them nature. I hope she's fine and the kids too, but she was the most damaged," said Cabanas.

The woman suffered head trauma but it's not life threatening. The students have minor injuries. They attend special classes at nearby Hillsdale High School and often walk in this neighborhood.

"It was part of their routine and getting out in the community and walking. It's normally a good spot for a walk, and that's why they take this route," said Sheri Costa-Batis with San Mateo Union Unified High School District.

Police say even though West Hillsdale Boulevard is a thoroughfare, collisions are unusual.

"It's a residential street and generally people are respectful of that, but I hope speed wasn't what caused today. We'll know more later," said Sgt. Rick Decker of San Mateo Police Department.
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