Cal becomes first UC campus to have certified kosher kitchen

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The new school year brings new food options for UC Berkeley students, especially those with special diets.

ABC7 News was at Cafe 3 Wednesday as students lined up for lunch at the newly opened kosher food station.

Cal is the first UC campus to have a certified kosher kitchen.

The staff underwent special training to meet the strict guidelines.

It caters to Jewish students and Muslims who eat halal foods.

"It's kind of what we call a 'hal for all,'" said Cal Dining Executive Director Shawn LaPean. "And that's what we want, to have everyone gather and socialize and interact together. Because part of my job is to facilitate learning outside the classroom, and I'm not doing that if people can't eat with us."

Cafe 3 also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

It's only the second certified kosher eatery in the East Bay. You don't have to be a student there to eat there, it's also open to the public.

Click here for more information on Cafe 3.
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