Teachers in Union City return to work after 14-day strike

UNION CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Teachers at James Logan High School in Union City stood at the entrance and offered "Welcome back!" greetings to students Monday morning as they headed into class -- the first day back after a 14-day teacher strike.

"I just wanted to welcome the students back and let them know we missed them and care about them," said teacher Matthew Sills.

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Students say they weren't sure whether they would have final exams as the strike continued. Many of them say they did not prepare.

"I just watched TV, that's all. I binge watched a lot of TV shows," said freshman JP Torres.

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Parent Charlene Nelson said her freshman gambled that there would not be finals.

"He's hoping some of the teachers aren't going to have finals. I tried to get him to study but he wouldn't study," she said.

Teachers say some students may get lucky while others may face a final.

"It depends. It may be appropriate, it may not depends on how much instruction was missed and what the content of the final was," said teacher Mike Foster.
Seniors don't need to be at school, but you could tell some of them needed the closure.

Administrators gave seniors grades without final exams so they could get their transcripts for college. But Lindsay Torres showed up Monday anyway. There are teachers to say goodbye to and a yearbook that needs to be signed.

"I'm a senior. I'm here because why not? It's like four days left for these guys and if I can get some signatures and all that stuff," said Lindsay Torres as she held up her yearbook.

There's also the question of whether teachers want to be back. Sixty percent of teachers who voted, voted for the contract.

"It's interesting. Two out of five teachers said no. Are we divided? I don't know, we'll find out, but we all love each other. We all work together, we're here for them, the students," said Sills.

The last day of school is this Thursday.
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