AAA predicts 43 million Americans will travel this 4th of July weekend

America is in a good mood and ready to celebrate. The predictions for this Fourth of July sound fun, or miserable, depending on how you look at it.

"I got friends going to Tahoe to go camping," said John Malcom, an Antioch resident.

But all that celebrating also means lots of traffic.

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AAA is predicting records will be broken this weekend in part because the economy is good-and gas is cheap. Drivers are bracing for it.

"Horrible! The worst I think this weekend is that gas is a little bit lower so I think everyone is going to go out," said Michelle Hineser, who lives in Danville.

AAA estimates that 43 million Americans will travel this weekend. And more than 84 percent of them will be-driving. That will break 2007's record and is five million more than we saw on Memorial Day Weekend.

Some drivers are willing to leave at odd hours to avoid the crowds.

"I am supposed to go see my friend in Pebble Beach. I am thinking of going at 6:30 on Sunday morning and come back Tuesday morning so I don't have to deal with all the traffic," said Hineser.

Also think about safety. Law enforcement is not taking the weekend off. Instead they will be beefing up and watching for drunk drivers.

Many agencies have DUI task forces that they will be deploying this weekend, saying there will be zero tolerance for drinking and driving.

So be safe on the roads, and happy Fourth.
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