East Bay superintendent disappointed after game forfeiture over safety concerns at Richmond High

ByRyan Curry KGO logo
Tuesday, September 27, 2022
EB superintendent upset after game forfeiture over safety concerns
West Contra Costa Superintendent Dr. Chris Hurst disappointed after SF Galileo forfeits game over safety concerns at Richmond High School.

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- West Contra Costa Superintendent Dr. Chris Hurst says he was disappointed to hear Galileo Academy of Science and Technology had to forfeit their game against Richmond High School over parent concerns for safety.

"We work so hard as a community and it was heartbreaking," Dr. Hurst said.

Seven players did not suit up for the game on Friday after their parents decided to keep them out over concerns of violence at the game. With not enough players suiting up, they had to automatically forfeit the game.

Dr. Hurst says their concerns for safety were not bound by any facts.

"That was uncalled for," he said. "I think they don't have their facts right and I would like to see their data. When they say we have a lot of crime and violence over here. I would like to see what data they are looking at."

The San Francisco Unified School district says Galileo is a small school and several players were unavailable due to ineligibility and injury. They did not say whether or not safety concerns were a reason.

Dr. Hurst says they spend a lot of time working with local law enforcement and security to keep their schools safe.

"I personally know all the chiefs in our district," Dr. Hurst said. "They come by our games. Officers drive by frequently. We also have our school security officers on hand and we sometimes hire private security."

Students at Richmond High School say they fear their school is being seen in a negative light.

"I want people to think that it is a good school," said student Steven Lara. "I want people to see the popularity as it has always been. I want them to see it is a good place to come and learn the teachers are great. Students, office, people, it's good."

Dr. Hurst says everyone works hard in the district to make these games a safe space.

"We look forward to these games. So to have a community decide on faulty information or inaccurate information they are going to forfeit the game is heartbreaking," Dr. Hurst said.

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