Colma police search for possible little boy who may have lost birthday money

Byby staff KGO logo
Sunday, May 7, 2017
This is an undated image of an envelope.
This is an undated image of an envelope.

COLMA, Calif. (KGO) -- A good Samaritan found an envelope full of cash in Colma Saturday, and did the right thing. Police now need your help finding the owner.

Colma police say the Samaritan came into the police station with an envelope he found outside a nearby Babies R Us.

The envelope only had one indication of where it came from, the name Jericho written on it. There was cash inside and police say it was decorated for a child and might belong to a little boy.

Police imagined that the money could have been given to Jericho for a recent birthday, or could have been saved up by the boy from chores.

They want to get this envelope back to the right owner. If you know Jericho, or have any idea of where this envelope came from you can contact the Colma Police department at (650) 997-8321