'Grey's Anatomy' interns describe fun moments on set and off as 20th season launches

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Friday, March 15, 2024
'Grey's Anatomy' launches 20th season
As the show opens its 20th season, the current interns on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" welcomed reporter George Pennacchio in the operating room to scrub up.

LOS ANGELES -- As the 20th season of "Grey's Anatomy" kicks off, ABC7 entertainment guru George Pennacchio recently suited up for a special shoot on set.

He's not a doctor and he's never played one on TV. However, for just a bit, the staff at "Grey's Anatomy" got him into the proper gear to feel what it's like to be a TV surgeon.

Once they all scrubbed in, it was time to interview the stars who play the show's latest interns. He learned even TV doctors are sworn to confidentiality. They all quickly learned how to handle questions from fans about the show they aren't allowed to answer!

"Generally speaking, I just go, 'You know I can't tell you that. You want a picture?' And you deflect, you deflect, you deflect!" said Adelaide Kane. "You go, 'You know I can't tell you anything. Would you like a selfie instead?"

Niko Terho called working on the show a roller coaster ride. "We have a little bit of everything because we left off on such a huge note that it's kind of hard to not go up and down from there."

"There's so many things happening when you're talking about emotions, medical, saving people's lives, affecting people and having even, outside of it, fans coming up and how much the show means to them," said Harry Shum Jr. "So you have all these things that we just have a responsibility. But at the same time, what Ellen (Pompeo) told us in the beginning, at least when I first met her, is, 'Have fun. Make sure you have fun and everything else will come.'"

And it's not only fun for them being a part of "Grey's Anatomy," it's fun for their moms, too.

"She's always checking in and just has been like a constant cheerleader," said Alexis Floyd. "She has a group of girls that get together in Cleveland and have a watch party. It's a really special relationship to have with your family."

Midori Francis says her favorite scenes are when all the interns get to be together in a more relaxed setting other than the operating room.

"I really love a good locker room scene when it's like the five of us and we're just, like, throwing towels and doing things like that. I think I prefer that side a little bit more," said Francis.

Once the interview was over, George was able to shoot a scene with the young doctors. He didn't scrub in for nothing!

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.