Video catches Ohio school custodian effortlessly make half-court shot

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Saturday, February 6, 2021
Ohio custodian causally makes half-court shot
CHECK THIS OUT! This custodian was caught on camera casually making a half-court shot!

FINDLAY, Ohio -- All net! An Ohio school custodian was caught on camera effortlessly making a half-court shot.

Principal Kyle Leatherman posted a video of the custodian, Joe Orians, casually shooting an amazing over the shoulder, no look, long-range basket in the school gym.

"Our custodian is better than yours," Leatherman said in a tweet. "Just casually walking through the gym with no one watching but the security camera. Trick shot, nothing but net."

Orians is the custodian for the middle and elementary school at Liberty-Benton in Findlay, Ohio.

When Leatherman asked him why he went for a half-court shot, Orians responded, "I had just as good of a chance to make the half-court shot as a layup. I'm not very good."

Orians told Leatherman of his incredible trick shot in casual conversation but said he didn't believe him at first until he went to check the camera.

"Sure enough, he made it," Leatherman said.