Police investigating spray painting of Suisun City man's car as a hate crime

SUISUN CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Steve Wilson, 61, of Suisun City, is trying to drive his Champagne-colored SUV as little as possible right now, because of the messages scrawled on the front, back and sides in black spray paint.

On the front and rear, the vandal painted "# D.T." On the driver's side, it says "We love #D.T."

But Wilson says "It's the other side that is really offensive."

Spelled out on the passenger side in big block letters it reads "N______ Go Home."

Wilson says it happened Monday night when he went to a FoodMaxx grocery store in nearby Fairfield.

There he asked a Caucasian man to move his car slightly to make it easier for Wilson to park. Wilson says the man didn't budge, so he drove around him. But when he got out he says the man told him "I'll be glad when Mr. Trump sends you bean-eating
Mexicans and N___ back where you came from."

Wilson says he responded with words we can't repeat and went into the store. When he came back out, the car had been spray painted and the man he argued with was gone.

Aquila Ross, who drops her daughters off at a nearby daycare spotted the car, took a picture and posted it online.

Ross says she did it because she wanted people to care. It also provided a teachable moment for her kids about bigotry.

Fairfield police are investigating the incident as a hate crime and they would welcome tips and information from the public.

Wilson is a Marine veteran who is now on disability. Now more than ever he is trying to drive the car as little as possible.

Wilson says he racked up $140 in Uber bills Tuesday and will have to pay a $500 dollar insurance deductible to have the racist graffiti removed.

Wilson says it's going to put a financial strain on him, but he can't drive around with his car the way it currently is.
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