East Bay's historic Hayward Ranch restaurant closing New Years Eve

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- A historic restaurant in Hayward is closing its doors after 71 years in business. The Hayward Ranch opened in 1948 and it will close for good after a final New Year's Eve farewell.

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Wooden Indians, an old phonograph, and football helmets are all part of the allure of the Hayward Ranch, a bar and restaurant crammed with memories.

Al Rodes first came by here in 1963 and has become a regular. He said, "They used to have a porterhouse steak that was so big it would drape over the sides of your plate. An inch thick, it was the greatest you know. "

Bartender Julie Elliott said she knows everyone on a first name basis.

"It's the only place like this in Hayward and everyone wonders where they're going to go when this place closes," Elliot said.

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Mark Scott is a manager at the Hayward Ranch and he says the owner is ill and decided not to run the business anymore with the building up for sale.

The contents are also up for sale. People are able to submit inquiries to bid on any item their heart desires. Some of the old treasures are things like a 1930s telephone and a wooden phone booth that was operational until the 2000s, including old phone books.

"We are gradually going to sell it off," Scott said. "We have someone from an antique store inventorying everything."

The drinks are still $5. Breaded veal and liver with onions are still staples on the old school menu as the countdown to closure continues .

Rodes says he plans to come back for the final New Year's Eve. He said, "Yeah, it's a lot of memories. "
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