Coronavirus Bay Area: Lines getting longer at COVID-19 testing site in San Mateo

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- From the signs to keep your window closed, to the masked staff attending to drivers. It's yet another bizarre scene in our new coronavirus reality.

"San Mateo County being the epicenter of the region, this could be a potential model for others to replicate," said David Canepa, a San Mateo County supervisor.

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The location at the San Mateo Event Center is an invitation-only testing site, one of two in the Bay Area operated by Verily Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company. The other site is in Santa Clara County. It's an appointment-only testing site. Each person would've had to answer an online questionnaire about their symptoms and travel history.

About 130 people have been tested since the sites launched on March 16. 350 more are scheduled for the rest of the week. 12,000 have completed the online screener test, according to Verily's blog.

On social media platforms like NextDoor and Facebook, some in the community expressing concerns that they're not getting enough information about their new neighbor.

"We're learning, we're learning, it's been a day," said Canepa, "Make no mistake about it, the county is doing its best."

Another point of confusion - the RVs that have moved in. San Mateo County Public health has confirmed that they've moved 20 of them to the San Mateo Event Center to help with temporary housing, especially those who cannot socially distance on their own. They also confirmed that two people are being housed in the RVs who needed shelter but not hospitalization. Then, a newsletter went out to the Fiesta Gardens community.

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One of the headlines - the RVs will be housing COVID-19 cases, that two people are currently occupying two units. That's led to some confusion about whether COVID-19 patients are being held at the fairgrounds.

ABC7 News repeatedly asked for clarification from San Mateo County Public Health, the County Manager and Supervisor Canepa. We were told that information about those who are housed at the site will remain confidential.

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