Sanders, Clinton, Trump vie for support in CA

ByKatie Marzullo and David Louie KGO logo
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Sanders, Clinton, Trump vie for support in CA
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All three major presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are vying for votes on the West Coast.

SALINAS, Calif. (KGO) -- All three major Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are vying for votes on the West Coast.

Hillary Clinton left a family-oriented fund raiser at a home in Atherton Wednesday night. Ticket prices ranged from $500 to $27,000.

Earlier she drew both supporters and protesters to a rally in Monterey County. She held a rally in Salinas in the afternoon.

It's probably not a good idea to disappoint voters so close to Election Day, but that's exactly what happened when hundreds who really wanted to show their support were turned around from the rally held at Hartnell College

Farmworkers, students and other supporters stood patiently in line for hours, while protesters got on a bullhorn and tried to create friction with the faithful.

One man held a sign that read: "Women are not fit to be president."

He was met with anger from the other demonstrators.

That sign was eventually torn up by a protester carrying a sign that read: "Hillary is not my abuelita!"

Most of the supporters were entrenched, not willing to bend their views about Hillary Clinton, except for a few individuals like undecided voter Fernando Sanchez.

"I am kind of leaning towards Bernie Sanders actually because I am young," he said. "He speaks to people that are young like me who went to college and have a little bit of debt, so I want to see if she touches bases on that today and if I should change my opinion."

Clinton knew her audience there. Many in line were farmworkers or their children, concerned about the status of immigration policy and reform when the guard changes at the White House. Clinton went into attack mode against Donald Trump.

"He's not only talking about ripping families apart, is he?" Clinton asked. "He is talking about deporting more than one half of the 2.4 million farmworkers who help feed our country."

Several hundred had to listen to that message outside over speakers because they couldn't get inside.

The campaign turned down a larger 2,000 capacity venue at Hartnell College, choosing instead the 800 person gym. And Clinton apologized to the disappointed fans.

However, that didn't stop them from loading up on $5 campaign buttons. Or joining a Gilroy woman who led them in a song she composed eight years ago for Clinton's first run for the presidency.

Clinton's democratic rival Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump were also in California. Sanders told supporters in Riverside County he can beat Trump.

"Donald Trump is toast," Sanders said.

Trump held a rally in Anaheim. Police arrested at least five protesters.

Protesters also waited for trump outside Jimmy Kimmel's studio in Hollywood ahead of his appearance on the show. And R&B singer The Weeknd and rapper Belly canceled their performance on Kimmel because of Trump. Backstage, Trump spoke to our ABC7 News sister station in Los Angeles.

"We're going to have a country. We're going to have people coming into the country legally. We're going to have strong borders because we have to. Right now people are just flowing right through," Trump said

Clinton has events scheduled in San Jose and San Francisco Thursday and there are reports she'll start airing TV ads in California Friday.

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