Hillsborough murder trial set for March 12

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KGO) -- There have been several new developments in the sensational murder case involving Hillsborough resident Tiffany Li. Tuesday was supposed to be a pretrial hearing. Instead, it was all about when the trial would be set.

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"We're set for trial tentatively for March 12," said Tiffany Li's attorney Geoff Carr and lawyers representing the other defendants.

Her boyfriend Kavyeh Bayat and Olivier Adella, her bodyguard and trainer got the judge to agree on the new trial date.

All three are charged with killing Keith Green, Tiffany Li's ex-boyfriend and father of their two young children.

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She's the only one out on bail, having posted property and cash worth nearly $70 million.

Adella is asking the District Attorney to let him plead to less serious charges in exchange for testimony that would incriminate Li and Bayat. Adella says all he did was dispose of the body in a rural field in Sonoma County after the other two murdered Green in Li's Hillsborough mansion.

Carr says Adella is lying. "If you were to see the evidence we have seen of what exactly they have against Mr. Adella, the average person would say it's much more likely Mr. Adella did this killing than Tiffany Li."

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Deputy District Attorney Tricia Povah says Adella has asked for a deal. "He has brought that up to us. All I can say is that we still have charges of 187 against all three defendants."

187 is the charge for murder.

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