After the turkey, Bay Area residents take time to prepare for the holidays

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- At the Panovich house, Black Friday doesn't necessarily mean shopping. Instead, you can find Mihailo Panovich taking down the Thanksgiving wreath and hanging up a red and green one. His wife Maureen looks on.

"My husband likes to be one of the first on the block to have the lights up. We're like the Griswolds, we're in a race to get everything done!"

For so many families, the end of Thanksgiving signifies the true start of the holiday season when the holiday lights come out of storage. When asked why she isn't helping her husband, Maureen smiles and laughs.

"I'm doing the directing, I'm thinking and the wheels are turning the whole time!"

The professionals like David Hughes of Hughes Holiday Exterior Lighting, thank a robust economy for an uptick in business.

"Last year I'd get 5 calls a day regarding installs and this year, currently I'm getting 50 to 70 per day!"

That same enthusiasm for the season is also showing at Colley's Tree Farm in Hayward. A little boy named Jayden and his mom Natali are picking out the family Christmas tree. It's a holiday tradition they'd like to continue.

"We came with my mother and father in law and they pick one out after Thanksgiving for like 25 years!"
This year, little 3-year-old Jayden knows just what he wants.

"Jayden really likes Star Wars and Storm Troopers so he'd really like a flocked tree since they're white," smiles his mom Natali.

Sales here are strong too, despite a shortage brought on about 8 years ago due to a downturn in the economy.

"A lot of growers chose to leave the industry or grow grapes or hazelnuts," says Brian Colley, the owner of Colley's Tree Farm.

And while prices remain about the same from last year, Colley recommends making your pick, quick.

"Sooner is probably the better. Inventory will run out sooner than usual," said Colley.

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