Hotel guest suspects his belongings were stolen from his room; hotel slow to respond

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A former Marriott employee staying at the chain's hotel in downtown Oakland says a thief stole items from his room.

Having worked seven years at Marriott, David Ward says he knows the ins and outs of the hotel business. The thief picked the wrong man to target.

Ward always takes time to trim his beard the way he likes it.

He has an elaborate shaving kit and brought it all with him during a recent hotel stay. Ward poured all his clippers out of their bag and onto a table. He has a different use for each one of these clippers.

A day or two after checking out, he noticed something wasn't right.

"I'm about to cut my hair. It's that time again. And my spray, the spray which I still haven't placed, and those clippers where they cut off at the end, was gone," Ward said.

Also missing were his earbuds. Ward suspects somebody made a key to his room and took what they could get.

"You weren't supposed to do it to me. You don't do it to me because I know the hustles and I can detect it fast," said Ward.

He contacted Marriott's Oakland location to express his concerns. It promised somebody would get back to him.

After a week of not hearing anything, David contacted 7 On Your Side.

"Me being a former employee, I know you can get to the bottom of this. I know you can run a report who made the last key. I know you can look at the cameras," said Ward.

7 On Your Side contacted Marriott and David immediately heard from the hotel's general manager. He compensated Ward for all his missing items and gave him a certificate for a free two-night stay.

"Michael Finney, you're the best," proclaimed David. "7 On Your Side is the best. If you ever need me to speak on your behalf, I got you."

Marriott declined to comment for this story, citing privacy concerns.

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