Houston Aztec Dancers keep centuries-old traditions alive

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Monday, November 15, 2021
Houston Aztec Dancers keep centuries-old traditions alive
This spectacular dance group is bringing the beauty of ancient Aztec culture to life!

HOUSTON, Texas -- The Houston Aztec Dancers are keeping the ancient stories and history of a once-flourishing empire alive. The dance & drum group performs across Houston in order to educate others about the city's indigenous roots and share the beauty of the Aztec culture.

The group performs a style of Aztec dance brought to the U.S. from Mexico known as Danca Azteca Esplendor. Each dance tells a different story and originated from the Aztecs, who lived over 500 years ago in what was once the city of Tenochtitlan.

"We're reclaiming our Indigenous identity by researching historical texts, listening to what the elders passed down through oral tradition from Mexico into the southwestern United States," said Abuela Mapi Rainflowa, organizer of the Houston Aztec Dancers. "We listen to what our own families have told us about our history, especially here in Texas. We put the pieces together, both historically and of course scientifically."

Click on the video above to see how the Houston Aztec Dancers are preserving and sharing centuries-old Indigenous traditions!