Blocked from Roblox: Child banned from video game after mistakenly using malicious code

ByRandall Yip KGO logo
Friday, October 29, 2021
Child banned from Roblox game after mistakenly using bad code
The makers of a game designed to introduce children to coding accused a Martinez boy of using his newfound skills to scam other game players.

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KGO) -- It's a fact evil people lurk in the deep dark web, but one would not expect an eight-year-old to be among them.

However, the makers of a game designed to introduce children to coding accused a Martinez boy of using his new found skills to scam other game players. 7 On Your Side decided to look into the accusation.

One of Braxton Raygoca's favorite pastimes is playing the online game Roblox for Braxton, it's not about winning, it's an experience.

"There's actually no point in winning because you basically just have to uh, launch rockets into space and stuff. You can make your own ISS. It's all that cool stuff," he said.

Braxton's grandma and aunt bought him a premium subscription of the game which each month awards him "robux," which he can use to buy game passes, access to different rooms and game accessories.

"Yeah a bunch of other stuff," Braxton explained about his robux.

"Even shoes?" asked his mom, Kailene Raygoca.

"Not shoes!" Braxton fired back.

"You can't buy shoes, oh!" teased mom.

Kailene Raygoca says for her, Roblox is more than just a game.

Braxton had a bone infection which required painful treatments and often left him in tears.

"Basically to help him through it, we offered him robux," she said.

It's a gesture Braxton says took his mind off the pain each time he saw the doctor.

But one day his access to his Roblox disappeared.

"It was probably one of the worst days of my life, I guess," he said.

Braxton had imported a model or character from something he found on the web. That model ended up having some sort of malicious code.

So Roblox blocked him from playing and took away all the extra accessories he had purchased using his robux.

His parents say Roblox accused their son of trying to scam user information.

Braxton's father tried to convince Roblox it was an innocent mistake.

"So he tried to explain OK, he's 8 years old. I'm sure he didn't intend to, or if he did, I don't think he did at all," said Kailene.

But the family says their pleas to get access reinstated went nowhere, until they contacted 7 On Your Side.

Roblox told us it adheres to a stringent safety system: "It is possible the user could have copied or pulled malicious script into his game without realizing it and therefore Roblox has reinstated his account as a one-time courtesy."

"God bless you, Michael Finney," said a grateful Braxton.

Braxton tells us his lesson has been learned. He will never pull in free characters or models again. One final note, Braxton's bone infection has cleared up and the painful treatments are over.

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