Take a sneak peek into John Stamos' life beyond the red carpet

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015
When he isn't busy appearing in Hollywood movies and TV shows, John Stamos finds inspiration through photography beyond the carpet.

You know him for his numerous film and television roles, but you probably didn't know that John Stamos is a skilled photographer beyond the red carpet.

Stamos takes time away from Hollywood to visit the real people and places who make the world turn. Here you can see Stamos discuss how photography helps keep him grounded while driving in his Lexus NX Turbo.

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Stamos clearly has a knack for incredible photographs. In the video below, you can watch as he captures vivid pictures of his longtime housekeeper.

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Stamos has been able to capture an entire new world outside of Hollywood with his camera. Through his photography, Stamos has been able to reconnect with the real world, and finds himself wherever he wants to be with his Lexus NX Turbo.

Whether it be photographing vivid landscapes on the Pacific coastline, or capturing intimate portraits of friends and loved ones, the Lexus NX makes it possible for Stamos' passion to come to life beyond the carpet. Beyond Utility. Beyond Boundaries.

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