John Stamos photographs the real world beyond the red carpet

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
When he isn't busy appearing in Hollywood movies and TV shows, John Stamos finds inspiration through photography beyond the carpet.

When he isn't busy starring in hit movies and television series, John Stamos is capturing photos of the real world beyond the carpet.

Stamos is an avid photographer, always carrying around his trusted camera, ready to capture the people and places who inspire him at every turn. While Stamos is able to capture new memories with his camera, his photography helps him remember what a wonderful live he has lived.

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Stamos' knack for composition is what makes his photography truly captivating.

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Photography has helped keep Stamos grounded when not standing in Tinseltown's bright lights. And his stylish and innovative Lexus NX Turbo has gotten him wherever he needs to go.

Whether it be navigating through the busy streets of Los Angeles to a movie premiere, or driving alongside the coastline, capturing stunning images of beachgoers and regular people, the Lexus NX makes it possible for Stamos to bring his photogenic passions to life beyond the carpet. Beyond Utility. Beyond Boundaries.

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