Rosario Dawson gives a sneak peek of her life Beyond the Red Carpet

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
No matter where artistic passion may strike, Rosario Dawson relies on her Lexus NX luxury crossover to get here where she needs to be.
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We love their roles in film and TV, but many celebrities often don't let the public into their personal lives. Rosario Dawson though is giving us an intimate look at what she does Beyond the Carpet.

Dawson, known for her role in "Sin City" and Netflix's upcoming "Daredevil," is one of the co-founders of Studio 189, an e-commerce outlet dedicated to empowering artists and creatives and helping them get their work into the public eye.

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In the video below, Dawson emphasizes how the items being sold through Studio 189 recognize the creativity and value that designers put into them.

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Studio 189, however, also prides itself on being an ethical consumer brand. Here you can see Dawson discuss what makes Studio 189 unique, while driving in her Lexus NX Turbo.

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Studio 189 recognizes the economic benefit of empowering artisans and creative types, and pushes them to find deeper levels of creativity. Dawson is excited about Studio 189 because it pushes her Beyond the Carpet.

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Here Dawson talks while driving in her stylish Lexus NX Turbo, about how she's pushing herself with Studio 189 and not just settling for being comfortable.

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Just as Dawson has broken boundaries with her e-commerce brand, the Lexus NX Turbo is also redefining style and comfort. Beyond Utility. Beyond Boundaries.

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