'We're ready': Bay Area counts down to full reopening of California's economy Tuesday

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Monday, June 14, 2021
Anticipation builds as we near CA's official reopening
We were in Pleasant Hill on Sunday and there was quite a bit of talk about what is to come once California reopens on June 15.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- California is now just one day away from fully reopening its economy. Bay Area businesses and communities are gearing up for the big day, one city is even planning a party.

"I'm vaccinated, my friends are too, we're ready," said Erica Smith from Oakland.

Smith is ready for California's reopening day.

"To me, it means seeing more of my friends, be more social, go to brunch," she added.

Businesses are preparing for the state's June 15 reopening, all venues, restaurants and bars opening at 100% capacity, if they choose.

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On June 15, California plans to "fully reopen" its economy. Here's what that means for capacity limits, social distancing and wearing a mask.

Staff is ready for the grand reopening of Barrel Room bar and restaurant in San Francisco's Financial District, which closed in March of 2020.

Staff is getting a refresher course this weekend, in wine parings and food service.

"I'm feeling excited and nervous, most of our staff is excited about it," said owner Sarah Trubnick.

Starting Tuesday, the State is ditching the color-coded COVID-19 tier system and dropping face mask restrictions in most cases for fully vaccinated people. Social distancing requirements will also be lifted.

"We're going to ditch the damned masks and celebrate," said San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa.

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Canepa is planning a reopening party Tuesday, near the Colma BART station.

"This is a day to celebrate, we're going to honor firefighters, teachers and nurses," said Canepa.

ABC7 was in Pleasant Hill on Sunday and there was quite a bit of talk about what is to come.

"Tuesday is the big day," said Greg Anderson.

"Totally aware!" says Karen Rogers.

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We ran into a ballet company called Ballet22. They're so excited for California's official reopening on Tuesday, they showed us their moves in preparation for their first live performance in a year and a half. That performance will take place Friday at The Great Star Theater in San Francisco's Chinatown.

They also have two shows on Saturday, according to their artistic director and co-founder Roberto Vega Ortiz. For more information go to: https://www.ballet22.com/events

"Has there been a lot of dancing in the kitchen?" we asked Ortiz, to which a dancer responded, "Yes! Angry neighbors downstairs."

In downtown Pleasant Hill, business after business has COVID-19 signs in their windows but when the state's color-coded reopening plan is lifted on Tuesday, the signs will no longer be seen. Building owners have ordered them down.

"We haven't had to deal with unmasked customers until now. It's a little nerve-wracking but at the same time I'm happy for what it's going to do for our business," says Natasha Nichols, who is the GM of Gotta Eatta Pita Pleasant Hill. She's hopeful the uptick of customers helps to outweigh the stress.

And while not everyone may realize Tuesday is the day.

"What's going to be done in Tuesday?" said Adrienne Baker, who lives in Pleasant Hill.

They know that changes that will come with the official full reopening.

"Reopening? I'm waiting for that," said Baker.

And already many are showing off their faces, come Tuesday they'll get to do it inside too, at most locations.

California is now just two days away from fully reopening its economy. Bay Area businesses and communities are gearing up for the big day, one city is even planning a party.

"We're just, we're ready," says Anna Haley.

Everyone is not shy in the least about what they're looking forward to.

"Going to the restaurant and actually being able to fill up your own cCoke cup in Taco Bell," says Greg Anderson.

"I'm a piano teacher. I'm teaching kids and looking forward to going into the homes and I've been vaccinated and it's all good," says Karen Rogers.

In San Francisco's Union Square, the celebration will have to wait past June 15.

Many storefronts are boarded up, businesses across the city have been lost to the pandemic.

"San Francisco will bounce back, perhaps it will be a harder bounce than expected," said David Perry from the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

"Tragically my uncle passed away from it, I was hospitalized for a week," said Rolando Bonilla

San Jose Planning Commission Chairman Rolando Bonilla is a COVID-19 survivor, he hopes the lessons of the past year won't be lost with reopening.

"I think if there's anything we learned, we need one another. If we're going to be better than we were before the virus, we have to remember that," Bonilla added.

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