North Bay community rallies around donut shop owners after burglars steal most of life savings

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Saturday, December 23, 2023
North Bay community rallies around donut shop owners after break-in
The Petaluma community is rallying around the owners of Keny's Donuts after thieves ransacked their home and stole most of their life savings.

PETALUMA, Calif. (KGO) -- One North Bay community is rallying behind some beloved donut shop owners, in the wake of a devastating burglary this week. The family's home was ransacked, but worst of all - most of their life savings was stolen by thieves.

Customers have been stopping by all week to grab a dozen donuts at Keny's in Petaluma, but they're really here to show some love to shop owner Sophy Heng.

Police say early Monday morning, while Sophy and her husband Ray were at work, thieves broke into the Heng's Petaluma house, ransacking the home. The family was devastated to see what happened.

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But Sophy says, worst of all, thieves found the safe where the couple kept most of their life savings.

"I'm trying not to do that but I can't help, I'm sorry. I lost everything I earned," said Keny's Donuts Owner Sophy Heng.

"I was shocked, really shocked because I know how much we love Sophy here for years and years," said Petaluma resident Eric Anderson.

Sophy and Ray emigrated to the U.S. from Cambodia and opened Keny's Donuts in 1995. To say they have a loyal customer base is an understatement. Seems everyone in town knows the family.

"I've been coming here since high school, I love Sophy she's such a strong figure in our community, she knows my family, she knew my grandpa, knows my grandma," said Petaluma resident Beau Miller.

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"It's terrible, really sad. I feel bad because she's such a big part of the community, she's so kind and everything so," said Petaluma Resident Kristen Eveland.

Just days before Christmas, the community stepped up with a GoFundMe account to help the family. By Friday afternoon, there was nearly $100,000 in donations.

"Thank you so much, I'm so grateful to Petaluma people," said Sophy.

Police say they're following leads in the case and looking for suspects. A security camera captured this image of a van stopping outside the home Monday.

"We had some crime scene techs lift fingerprints, reviewing surveillance vid, hoping to get leads," said Lt. Matthew Parnow.

Meantime, Sophy is beyond grateful and comforted by the holiday love, friends and customers are giving.

If you have the means and would like to donate to the GoFundMe that was set up to help the Heng's, click here.

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