EXCLUSIVE: Popular legacy donut shop in Oakland targeted in 2nd armed robbery this year

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Monday, December 18, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Oakland's Colonial Donuts targeted in 2nd armed robbery
Oakland's Colonial Donuts was targeted in a second armed robbery in less than a year.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The owner of a popular donut shop in Oakland is feeling defeated after their store was robbed at gunpoint -- again.

Surveillance video from about 7 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 17 shows an individual, whose face is covered, enter Colonial Donuts. The employee in the video says the armed man approached the counter and demanded cash. As she hands over the cash register, the suspect walks out with a handful of bills. Employees say the individual left on a bicycle.

In June the shop was also targeted in an armed robbery where three armed individuals jumped the counter and demanded cash. After ABC7's report on the crime, the community organized a "buyout" event to show support for the business.

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Colonial Donuts and other nearby merchants also met with city leaders asking for solutions.

The owner of the shop sent this statement to ABC7 News, saying they were grateful and relieved nobody was hurt. However, they are now demanding accountability from city leaders.

"The rampant crime in Oakland is indicative of a larger issue - a failure of leadership that has allowed the situation to escalate to unprecedented levels. We cannot turn a blind eye to the growing sense of insecurity and unease among our residents and local businesses. We are calling the City Leaders to take immediate and meaningful steps towards addressing this crisis. It is crucial for them to acknowledge that the current situation is unsustainable, and we demand a comprehensive and effective response. The citizens of Oakland deserve a safer and more secure environment, and we demand accountability from our elected officials. The question that looms large is, 'When will things get better?' It is time for our leaders to provide concrete answers and decisive actions! We are calling our City Leaders to engage in a transparent dialogue with residents and business owners.When will people and businesses stop closing and leaving Oakland? Oakland has so much to offer and we have been standing strong but when is enough, enough? When can we all feel safe again in this beautiful City, that I call home. We need help -- and it starts with the City Leadership recognizing this."

ABC7 has reached out to Oakland Police for more details.

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