Young boy saves diabetic grandmother's life

CARMICHAEL, CA -- Leigh Anne Miller doesn't remember much from the morning of August 14th, when she went into diabetic shock.

"I remember coming to, and the paramedic said, 'You better thank your grandson.' That's the first thing I heard," Miller told KOVR-TV.

Miller has been a type-one diabetic for 57 years and has lost most of her vision from her illness.

She has a guide dog that helps her get around the house. It was the dog that ran to her grandson Alexander, who was spending the night, and nudged him for help.

Miller says Alexander quickly jumped up from his bed and called 9-1-1.

Metro fire captain Carl Simmons responded to Alexander's call and says it was his bravery and maturity that saved his grandmother's life.

"He knew everything about his grandmother's medical history and the medication she takes," Simmons recalls.

Miller says her grandson would even help administer her insulin shots.

In good spirits a month-and-a-half later, Miller looks back at what happened that morning and says having her grandson over that night was a blessing.

"I love him to death and thank god he is my grandson. He stepped up. He's grandma's hero."
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