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Friday, November 2, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO -- The deadline to register to vote online or by mail in California was Monday, Oct. 22. But if you didn't make that deadline, you're not outta luck to vote.

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To check if you're registered to vote, visit:

There are 19,086,589 registered voters in California, according to a Sept. 7 report from the office of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. That number represents 75.81 percent of all eligible voters in the state, which is 25,176,403.

Of those who are registered, 45.8 percent registered as Democratic, 24.5 percent registered as Republican, 26.8 percent registered with a no party preference and 5 percent registered under "other."

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The deadline to register to vote in person is Tuesday, Nov. 6 - which is Election Day. Californians who missed the Oct. 22 registration deadline will have all the way up to Election Day to register, thanks to the conditional voter registration process.

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