Livermore nanny arrested for child abuse pleads not guilty

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- The Livermore woman accused of smothering a 13-month-old boy pleaded not guilty to abuse charges in a Pleasanton Superior courtroom on Friday.

Police say hidden nanny cam video shows 20-year-old Moriah Gonzales approaching the crying child, whose cries became muffled before he went limp. When Gonzales moved her hand away, the baby started crying again.

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The charging document, which refers to the baby as John Doe, reads:

"Moriah was pacing the room, apparently attempting to calm Doe by bouncing him up and down repeatedly. Moriah turned her back toward the camera, opened the closet door and faced the closet. She then lowered John Doe into a position so that she was holding him with her hands nearing his face, but clear audible crying could still be heard. Moriah then placed her hands closer to Doe's face and the sounds went from clear and audible to a muffled cry. After a few seconds, Doe began to squirm and kick. He then went limp. Once Doe went limp, Moriah lifted him up and flung him over her shoulder in a supine position, the back of his head resting on her shoulder. When Moriah moved her hands away from Doe's face, clear and audible crying/whimpering could once again be heard. As Doe lay in a supine position over Moriah's shoulder, his arms extended outward as if he was limp. Moriah then put Doe into his crib and left the room."

Detectives learned Gonzales had advertised her care taking services on, and police are asking anyone who used her services or knows someone who used her services is asked to call the Livermore Police Department at (925) 294-7531.

On Thursday, released a statement to ABC7 News:

"We are deeply troubled by this incident and our thoughts are with the family. The safety of our community is of paramount importance to us and we have proactively contacted local law enforcement to provide whatever assistance we can in this matter."

Additionally, they say the caregiver in question has been removed and banned from their site.

She's due back in court next month.

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