Disney donates 1 million face masks to families in need

GILROY, Calif. -- Several cars lined up in front of St. Joseph's in Gilroy, California waiting for a food distribution. Youth Alliance, an organization dedicated to strengthening and enriching youth, families and communities, was also on site handing out free Mickey and Minnie face masks to those in need.

"Not a lot of people have the chance to even own a mask," mask recipient Betania reveals."There's a huge need and big disparity in access for just basic protective equipment like the masks,"

Executive Director of Youth Alliance Diane Ortiz states, "we will be serving and providing masks to the farmworker population, immigrant community, Latin X community and children specifically."
Youth Alliance acquired the face masks through a partnership with MedShare and Disney.

"We collect medical supplies and equipment to distribute to underserved communities in the US and around the world," MedShare Board of Directors Pat Salber says. "This year we partnered with Disney and they gave us a million masks and they are so cute. They are branded with Mickey and Minnie."

"Not only is it meeting a need, it will actually put a smile on a kid's face because it's a Disney character," Ortiz explains. "Those little gestures make a big difference in times like this."

"The biggest reward is hearing from the community how much they appreciate this act, how much it's benefiting them," Youth Alliance Program Director Anthony Lopez shares.