Lost Spirits Is the World's Best Distillery Tour

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Thursday, February 13, 2020
Enjoy this distillery tasting with amusment park themed experiences
The World's Best Distillery Tour.

In a Willy Wonka-esque production facility that's part amusement park, part laboratory, Lost Spirits takes guests on a booze tour like no other!

What began as a tiny cult distillery grew over time with distinct tasting rooms where you can sip the spirits in a space reminiscent of that spirit.

"Customers often call it an a-boozement park", CEO Bryan Davis said.

Davis a former amusement park ride designer has blended his passion for spirits with his love of park rides.

"What does the imaginery world you drink this is look like?", Davis asks himself when designing a new tasting room at the distillery.

Some tasting rooms double as transportation bringing guest to the laboratory where the spirits are tested and made.

Davis believes the spiritual home of Lost Spirits belongs in the Arts District.

"They give you a history of every drink, how they make it, how they distill it, doing it with your family makes it a fun time," said guest Ben Netzel.