Crews monitor huge, dangerous sinkhole in Orinda

Byby Leslie Brinkley via KGO logo
Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Crews have fanned out across the East Bay to prepare for the storms rolling in while monitoring a potentially disastrous sinkhole in Orinda.

ORINDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews have fanned out across the East Bay in preparation for the storm rolling through and the rain that's still on the way.

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If you peer down the 42-foot-wide and 22-foot-deep sinkhole you can still see the yellow stripe from the road that collapsed in Orinda last week. Crews swarmed the area Wednesday, making sure debris was cleared so the runoff can flow.

They're worried about the creek backing up and eroding more of Miner Road, a major thoroughfare leading back to homes where 3,000 residents live.

"Someone will be here tonight," said Tod Fierner of Orinda Public Works. "If it starts backing up this creek, we will be able to fire up our pumps and pump across the street to the outfall."

Up the street at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, a long anticipated family math night was cancelled. "We don't know what the storm will bring, and if another road will be closed," said Principal Ken Gallegos. "Or if Camino Sobrante, which is the detour route, is closed, then people would be possibly stuck here."

Up along Grizzly Peak Boulevard through the Berkeley Hills, PG&E crews tried to keep up with wind damage as toppled trees and branches gave way, as this new storm roared through.

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