Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger praises Buena Vista Cafe's iconic Irish Coffee

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco's Buena Vista Cafe got a shout out from rock star Mick Jagger Sunday night.

In between songs at a concert at Levi's Stadium, The Rolling Stones frontman told fans to stop in for an Irish Coffee at the historic bar whenever they're in San Francisco.

The crowd roared in response.

General Manager Kevin Jones was in the audience, and couldn't believe the recognition. He texted coworkers in disbelief and posted the story the restaurant's Facebook page, where it went viral.

Buena Vista is known for introducing Irish Coffee to the United States. Barkeeps famously line the glasses side by side down the bar, pouring dozens at a time to meet the demand for the hot cocktails.

Some Stones fans followed orders and made the trip Monday.

"Mick is the bomb, whatever he says to do we do," said Stones fan Leanne Duzman. "If he says go the Buena Vista for Irish coffees we are there, and they are incredible."

The café says the name drop gave a little bump to business. Managers estimate they sold about 2,000 Irish coffees at lunch, which is pretty good for a Monday afternoon.
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