12 migrants bussed from Texas dropped off in San Jose, nonprofit says

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
12 migrants bussed from Texas dropped off in SJ, nonprofit says
A San Jose nonprofit is connecting 12 undocumented immigrants to vital resources after they were reportedly dropped off via bus from El Paso, Texas.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Jose nonprofit is connecting 12 undocumented immigrants to vital resources after they were reportedly dropped off.

A member from the organization, Amigos de Guadalupe Center, confirmed a group of adults and children were bussed in from El Paso, Texas and dropped off in the Guadalupe Washington neighborhood on Saturday evening. He said they're connecting them with resources, food, clothing and health centers.

Belinda Hernandez Arriaga, executive director for ALAS, worked with the Bay Area Border Relief for two years in South Texas.

"That journey to be here has been traumatic and there is no journey that is easy," Arriaga said.

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She saw firsthand the desperation, hunger and fear in people seeking asylum.

"It's all brand new. Every single thing, every single day is a new day for them and so they're also in a transition of emotionally and psychologically a shock coming from the border," Arriaga said.

Cities across the nation and the state have received migrants who have been bussed or flown in.

In June, state officials said more than a dozen migrants were dropped off at a church in Sacramento from Florida. Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a public record request to Florida authorities over "deceptive and immoral migrant transports."

In August, ABC News said 10 buses of migrants from Texas were dropped off in L.A.

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Compared to other states, Arriaga said the medical care asylum seekers receive in California is better.

"Very good wraparound services by our counties, both San Mateo County, Santa Clara County have one of the most amazing mental health system, medical systems especially for the children," Arriaga said.

San Jose's director for the Office of Racial Equity released this statement to ABC7 News in part:

"Like other large cities in the U.S., the City of San José anticipated that migrants would arrive here seeking refuge, either by choice or bussed here by other jurisdictions. As such, the City of San José, County of Santa Clara and numerous community organizations developed a Welcoming Migrants Plan that outlines the key roles organizations would play in the event of a surge in migration."

"You know when you see it on the news, you just see a group, but when you're with them individually you see that mom, you see that dad, that child, that aunt that grandparent just like you - just like me," Arriaga said.

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