Minnie Mouse receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Minnie Mouse receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
After 90 years of entertaining fans, Minnie Mouse received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

LOS ANGELES -- The one and only Minnie Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The iconic character's star was unveiled at a ceremony Monday, marking the 90th anniversary of the release of "Steamboat Willie," her first of more than 70 animated films.

As the ceremony began, Minnie was escorted to the podium by none other than Mickey Mouse himself. The two shared a sweet kiss before Minnie greeted the crowd.

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger was the first to say a few words about the beloved mouse. Referring to Minnie as "the official first lady of the Walt Disney Company," Iger praised the character's performance on "Steamboat Willie."

"In true Hollywood fashion, she delivered a memorable performance, but Mickey got all the credit," Iger said.

Minnie Mouse finally got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and there was only one way to celebrate the queen of polka dots: with a dotted red carpet and celebrity guests.

Iger said following their debut in 1928, Minnie and Mickey went on to become one of the industry's most popular power couples.

"But Minnie has also been a big star in her own right, appearing in more than 70 movies during her extraordinary career," Iger said.

He continued to say that although Minnie is famous for often playing the damsel in distress and being rescued by Mickey, Minnie can hold her own in any situation.

"She's bopped more than one bully on the head and come to Mickey's rescue quite a few times, too," Iger said.

He added that Minnie was ahead of the times and was an influencer "way before the rise of social media," making kindness and joy fashionable. Minnie is also a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world, Iger said.

"From her shoes to her smile, the world has always loved Minnie's style. These days, she's a bona fide fashion icon, a muse for some of the world's greatest designers, the inspiration for new collections, magazine cover girl, and star of runways in New York, paris and Tokyo," said Iger, calling Minnie the best leading lady in the business.

The mouse also uses her talents to "lift spirits, bring laughter to children and support causes

"American Idol" judge and pop star Katy Perry also took the podium to speak about her special connection to Minnie and the influence the character had on her since childhood.

The singer said her very first memory was wearing Minnie and Mickey Mouse diapers.

"The definition of icon may fluctuate through the ages, but there's some undeniably special characters who are iconic and I can't think of anyone who embodies that more than my dear friend, Minerva Mouse," Perry said.

No matter where Perry goes in the world - whether it be Anaheim, Orlando, Paris or Tokyo - it's always so comforting to see Minnie's face, she said.

"Some of my favorite moments are introducing Minnie to my friends, my colleagues and my nieces, who are sitting here today with eyes as big as polka dots," Perry said, saying Minnie has the special skill of bringing joy to so many - with an effortless bat of a lash.

Mickey Mouse received his star back in 1978 for the 50th anniversary of "Steamboat Willie."

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The one and only Minnie Mouse received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.