'Miracle' kitten found in rubble days after Indiana apartment fire left 150 homeless

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Thursday, April 23, 2015
'Miracle' kitten found in rubble days after apartment fire
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A cute little kitten is living up to his name. The 2-week-old kitty survived an apartment fire in Indiana that displaced 150 people, but now one knew he was still alive until days later when firefighters found him in a pile of ashes.

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. -- An Indiana family could soon have its kitten back, after being told it died in a fire.

About 150 people and their pets were left homeless after flames ripped through an apartment building in Jeffersonville.

Seven cats were killed. During a search days after the blaze, firefighters found a tiny kitten in the rubble.

PHOTOS: Tiny kitten found in rubble days after Indiana fire

The orange tabby, who weighs less than 2 lbs., is now being called, "Miracle."

"I believe it was a miracle that we found him," Jeffersonville Fire Captain Rusty Hall said.

Miracle is being cared for at J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter, where Sarah Green works. She said he only started purring again a few days ago.

Staff members are trying to reach the family with the good news.