Community remembers fallen Newman officer while manhunt underway

NEWMAN, Calif. (KGO) -- An ABC7 News crew walked up to Genevieve Sanchez right after she added to the pile of flowers sitting outside the Newman Police Department to honor Corporal Ronil Singh.

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Sanchez brought her grandchildren with her.

"I just want them to learn and show respect and may he rest in peace."

Singh, 33, was shot and killed during a traffic stop around 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Sanchez's grandson thought the officer sounded familiar.

"When he (father) told me the name I was like, 'oh uh he goes to my school,'" 10-year-old Adam Ruiz said.

ABC7 News has learned Singh was a mentor to children in the community.

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"Yeah he's here all the time," Herculano Medina, a Newman resident said. "He's been here like what seven years? He talks to my sons."

As Signh's memorial grew, Susana Martinez was returning to work just a couple of blocks away. She spent the morning talking with deputies. A manhunt is still underway for Singh's killer.

Martinez rang up the suspect's items at Newman Foods moments before the shooting.

"As he left, my friend came inside and was like, 'Oh Officer Singh just followed him and just pulled him over right down the street,'" Martinez said.

Martinez told ABC7 News she heard the sound of a gunshot from inside the store. Hours later, police found the suspect vehicle not far from the crime scene.

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Singh was a father to a five-month-old and a husband. The community wants justice for them.

"He was very loving and offering his kindness to everybody," Vickie Pimentel, a Newman resident, said.
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