Police follow suspicious vehicle from Google campus in Mountain View

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- Mountain View police are questioning a man they took into custody after tailing him from Google's headquarters overnight.

This comes as police investigate last month's firebombing at Google.

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Police are not saying whether they think this man was involved in the firebombing incident. They are not releasing the name of the suspect or what charges he could face.

Video of the investigation shows two scenes.

The first scene was on Garcia Avenue at the Google West Campus 2. Police were called for a suspicious vehicle.

When they arrived on the scene, they followed that vehicle all the way to Willow Road near O'Brien Drive in Menlo Park.

Officers did a high-risk stop.

The driver pulled over and was arrested. The bomb squad was called out to check the car but police say nothing was found inside.

This is little more than a month after a firebomb attack at the Google West Campus 2. On May 19, a person threw two incendiary devices at the building and at the Google Maps car on display out front.

Only minor damage was reported.

When asked if she knew of any connection to the firebombing, Mountain View Police Department spokesperson Katie Nelson said, "We don't know. We're still looking into that." She said they have made no conclusions yet at this time.

ABC7 News was told the man has not been brought to the Santa Clara County Jail and detectives are still interviewing him at the police department.

Google has yet to say anything about the incident.
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