Donald Trump supporters kicked out of popular San Francisco bar

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two men wearing Donald Trump t-shirts said they were kicked out of a popular San Francisco bar named Zeitgeist.

The bar confrontation occurred over the summer and it was captured on cellphone video.

Peter Belau and Jascha Sundaresan now live near Fresno, but lived in the Bay Area at the time of the incident.

They said they often wear Trump t-shirts in hopes of sparking dialogue, but one night things didn't go so well.

"What did we do? What did we do exactly?"

Wearing Trump t-shirts, Belau and Sundaresan went into Zeitgeist hoping to get a drink, but they said the bartender was unusually hostile.

"She looked at the shirt and said: 'is that for real?' and with a proud smile on my face I said 'yes, absolutely.' And she just said: 'we don't serve bigots here, we're not going to serve you. You can just leave,"' Sundaresan said.

Eventually, two bouncers approached them and threw them out.

The manager at Zeitgeist didn't want to go on camera, but released a statement saying: "The incident in question occurred due to the individual interacting inappropriately with one of our bartenders. We consistently ask individuals to leave our establishment based on that policy."

Belau and Sundaresan said they said nothing that was inappropriate.

They believe the incident was simply rooted in the same intolerance they've faced in San Francisco before. "We had people throw beer at us before. It's pretty common. It happens more often than not," Belau said.

They said their hope is to one day go back to Zeitgeist, have a drink and if lucky have a meaningful conversation about politics.
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