Craigslist baby stabbing predicted: concern 'for any pregnant woman being around her'

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Bereavement doula Elizabeth Petrucelli was concerned when she read a Facebook post about a woman who never had her baby. The woman then cut a stranger's baby from her womb. (7NEWS)

A bereavement doula who shared an acquaintance with Dynel Lane posted concern on Facebook about Lane weeks before she allegedly cut a stranger's baby from her womb Wednesday.

"This is a RED FLAG for me. She may be attempting to find someone whom she can 'get' a baby from in order to present this to her husband," wrote the doula, Elizabeth Petrucelli, when she read about Lane's situation.

Now Lane is accused of luring a pregnant stranger to her home with a Craigslist listing for clothes, killing her baby by cutting it out of the womb with a knife, and later trying to pass the dead unborn child off as her own miscarriage.

Petrucelli's eerie Facebook comment was a response to one of Lane's friends, who posted her concerns on a private group about breastfeeding, according to 7News, the ABC affiliate in Denver.

The friend gave some background about Lane in that original post in January:

    "Non bf (breastfeeding) advice needed - I have a friend whose wife is pregnant and he confided on (sic) my fianc that she refuses to go to the doctor. Her whole pregnancy has been sketchy...She supposedly had a hysterectomy but then got pregnant (which I know CAN happen) and she wouldn't let him go to the doctors with her. Then she was supposedly due mid November then mid December. Here it is mid January and still no baby...I'm confused. Is it considered child endangerment if she won't go to the doctor? I don't know how long it's been but her husband is concerned."

When Petrucelli saw that, she felt compelled to advise the friend to seek help. Petrucelli was trained in how to spot a mother who might want to abduct a newborn in her work in hospital security.

In her response, Petrucelli admitted that, though it sounded a little far-fetched, there was a real likelihood Lane would act violently toward another expectant mother in her grief.

Her post read:

    "This is a RED FLAG for me. She may be attempting to find someone whom she can 'get' a baby from in order to present this to her husband. I know this is all 'conspiracy theory-like' but this should be taken seriously. If she is claiming to be pregnant but has had a hysterectomy, she has an 'ectopic' pregnancy which would require medical intervention in order for the baby to survive AND mom to survive. She has likely made this up, maybe because she is grieving her lost uterus and the fact that she can no longer carry a baby in her womb...My concern would be for any pregnant woman being around her because if she is desperate, she may do the unmentionable and harm the mother and take the baby."

Petrucelli told 7NEWS that finding out her predictions came true gave her a shock.

That's haunting to hear that, and know that it happened," she said.

The friend spoke with 7NEWS to confirm that the case she wrote about was Lane's, but asked not to be identified. She said she was concerned because Lane's due date came and went, and Lane never had her baby. She did not speak to Lane's husband after Petrucelli's comment, however.

""No, we did not. But, I wish I had," she told 7News.

Like Petrucelli, Lane's friend was sobered by how the prediction came true.

"It's just really creepy that this lady on that site, kind of, predicted this."
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