SF Sheriff's Office looking for inmate mistakenly released from jail

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco inmate was accidentally released from jail on Thursday night. Now authorities are asking he turn himself in.

The Sheriff's Office says a court clerk's error resulted in Victor Rodriguez' release.

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Rodriguez has about three more months to serve. Now, a no bail bench warrant for him has been issued.

"Unfortunately, the court clerk made a mistake entering that information, so the information we received was that all charges had been dismissed and accordingly, we released him," said Eileen Hirst, the Chief of Staff at the San Francisco's Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's office says Rodriguez was already serving time in connection with a robbery, battery and resisting arrest when he made threats to deputies, saying that,"He had an AK-47 and was going to shoot deputies if he was pulled over in his car," she said.

At the Hall of Justice on Wednesday in Department 23, Rodriguez's attorney says the judge dismissed one case and modified his probation on another, leaving him with approximately three months left to serve.

"The court clerk did not accurately record what the judge said," explained Hirst.

The Sheriff's Office says the jail released Rodriguez around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. Between 7 and 8 a.m. the next morning, someone noticed the mistake.

"The Court is looking into the circumstances surrounding the clerical error. I have no further comment as this is a personnel matter. After learning the defendant had been mistakenly released, Judge Jerome T. Benson issued a no-bail bench warrant for the defendant," said Ann Donlan, the Communications Director, San Francisco Superior Court.

"It was a very alert deputy who understood Mr. Rodriguez was due in court to be sentenced and then realized he had been released and wanted to know why," said Hirst.

The Sheriff's office says Rodriguez called the jail Thursday night.

"I do not know specifically who answered the phone, but it was a deputy sheriff, who told him you need to turn yourself in," said Hirst.

While law enforcement is continuing to look for Rodriguez, the Sheriff's Office says they are hopeful he will turn himself in.

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