Possible ending to the nightmare at Journey's End Mobile Home Park after North Bay Fires

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- It's like an urban ghost town in the middle of Santa Rosa. Journey's End Mobile Home Park, a strange blend of barren, post-fire waste and residences that appear perfectly habitable until you look closer and see the faded red tags, or maybe the warnings signs aimed at looters.

"I owned my home, I lived there 29 years," said Dorothy Hughes, who owns one of the 44 homes that the fire spared. Not that home ownership has any benefits.

Dorothy cannot return because the neighborhood remains condemned. Nor can she or other owners move on with their lives because insurance companies won't pay for the loss. It's limbo.

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On Monday, they got some hope following a meeting with Burbank Housing. The nonprofit developer wants to build low-income units on the site. Residents heard about plans to divide $2.5 million of charitable contributions.

"This begins the process," said Efren Carrillo of Burbank Housing. "No, it should not have taken this long. We believe state agencies and federal agencies could have respond quicker. They did not."

Owners of the remaining units believe they deserve more of the money.

"We didn't get a lump sum for insurance like the others did. We got nothing," said Michelle Trammel.

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After the meeting, all residents signed up for individual appointments. Another step in a drawn-out, lingering uncertainty.

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