Multiple people arrested in killing of Oakland police officer, OPD says

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Multiple arrests in killing of Oakland police officer, OPD says
Oakland police confirm that several arrests have been made in connection to the killing of Officer Tuan Le, who died in the line of duty on Friday.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Several people have been arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of Oakland police officer Tuan Le.

Le, 36, was shot and killed while responding to a burglary at a cannabis business near Jack London Square in Oakland early Friday. He was with the department for almost four years.

Sharing the news first was Le's fellow officers over dispatch radio.

"Just want to advise everybody that the killer of Officer Tuan Le is in custody. Please take care of every... each one of you."

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The Oakland police officer shot and killed in line of duty early Friday has been identified as Tuan Le, a 4-year veteran of the force, police said.

"There's a terrible pall of sadness that's fallen over every Oakland police officer," said Barry Donelan.

Donelan is the president of the Oakland Police Officers Association.

He says since the shooting, OPD has been working nonstop to try and catch those responsible.

"You are going to jail. You are going to be behind bars. We are going to find you."
Oakland Police Officers Association President Barry Donelan

"(This) has been extremely, extremely difficult. Especially, new year is the time to celebrate with the family," says Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber Foundation.

Chan knew Officer Le personally. He says the family is still coping with the sudden loss. They are thankful arrests have been made.

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"(The suspects) have been killing and hurting people, will not be on the street hurting other people. So, the family members are very happy that they are no longer out there hurting other people," says Chan.

The Oakland Police Officers' Association confirmed that members of the United States Marshall Service arrested a "key suspect" in at the La Quinta Inn in Livermore.

"(The family) can see that the work has been done by the police department. And especially they want to thank all the police department from all across, not only OPD, but those who have been involved," says Chan.

The Oakland Police Department gave very few details about the arrests or the suspects, or if anyone arrested was the actual shooter.

"This is happening during another incidence of property crimes, and for our communities to be afraid that they are going to be the next victim. And that our officers might not be safe, it sends fear into the community," says Dr. Jennifer Tran, president of the Oakland Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce.

But she adds, the arrests are helping the community to heal.

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"It really hit home, not only because he was Vietnamese American, he really exemplified what it is we are trying to strive for with our public safety. And for our police officers to be from Oakland, to be rooted in our community," explains Tran.

"The fact that so many arrests were made so quickly tells me that this has been an all hands on deck investigation by agencies throughout the Bay Area." said legal analyst Steven Clark.

Clark says with such a high-profile case, prosecutors will likely try to get court proceedings moving as quickly as possible.

He also says police are probably in constant talks with several of those arrested, trying to get more information on those at the center of the crime.

"It's also important though that that information be corroborated by the forensic evidence, by the video evidence and, in particular, the ballistic evidence in this case," Clark said.

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Ultimately, the decision to charge those involved will lay with Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price.

Someone, who Donelan says, has been in regular communication with law enforcement over the case.

"I think they understand the importance of charging the people who killed an Oakland police officer, and anyone attached to them committing crimes in the city of Oakland."

A private memorial honoring Officer Le is scheduled for Jan. 9.

A GoFundMe has been setup to help Officer Le's family. If you have the means and would like to donate, click here.

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